Cihan Chemistry Industry Co.
Was founded as a family company in 1983 to manufacture leather finishing chemicals.
We moved to our new factory in 1990 which is 8000 square meter in total. In the 5000 square meter closed area we are manufacturing chemicals in huge capacities for the any need of leather finishing with the latest technologies taking care of the European quality standarts.
We are producing special products for cow, sheep, cow garment, coating leather lbr furniture and split leather. As a knowladge of the quality comes with research we have opened a 400 square meter new labratory in 2003 to uprise the costumer happiness and to search for the new finishings.
We are chasing all the new finishing types by exhibitions sometimes as a visitor or as a exhibitor.
The costumer happiness with the survival of the products which are on the production lane.
To be a leader company at the developing finish technologies.
About us